1. Get your team together. Your team can be one person or several people; itís up to you. The game may be a little easier to play with a couple of people (and more fun) but you can certainly play it alone if you choose. Kids are encouraged to participate but it would probably help to have one adult who can drive on your team. Once you have a team, choose your captain.
  2. Download the GooseChase app (itís free) from your favorite app store to your device. You can play on your phone or tablet. The app works on Apple or Android platforms.
  3. Open the app. Use ďsearch gamesĒ to look for Lincoln City Reads. Once you find the game, let your captain open the game first. There is a password. The password is LincolnCityReads. Once the captain logs in, they will get a four number code to identify your team. Other team members can now log in and join the captainís team using that code. Hint to the captain: you can always find your team code by clicking on the tool icon on the upper right of the app and looking just below your team name.
  4. Complete the missions to earn points. Wrong answers may have points deducted. Bonus points will be awarded based on style, exuberance, creativity and sheer coolness. The judgesí decisions will be final but we may entertain passionate pleas for review at the Intergalactic Dance Party.

Download and print a PDF version of the instructions here.

The game will be active from May 1 to May 31. Itís possible we may add questions during the month. If we do, you will get a notification through the app.

There will be one grand-prize winning team that will receive a basket of A Wrinkle in Time related goodies. (Okay, maybe they are just tangentially related goodies but thereís some really cool stuff.) The winner will be announced at the Intergalactic Dance Party. You need not be present to win.

All participants will receive discount coupons to use at the Friends of the Library Book Sale.