1. Begin by registering each member of your family (any age!) who’d like to take part in summer reading club by filling out the sign up form below. You’ll need to submit a separate form for each person taking part in the program. Each person who registers before 8/1/2020 is automatically entered into a drawing for a grand prize at the end of the summer!
  2. Earn a T-shirt (for kids) or Tote (for adults)* by doing one of the following:
    • For children in 1st through 12th grades, and for adults: The object of the BINGO card is to black it out by doing each of the 24 activities listed. Mark each activity as you complete it. Once all activities have been completed, follow the instructions at the bottom of the card for reporting your accomplishment! Download and print a BINGO card here.
    • For infants and toddlers: Read 25 stories to your child and mark the dragon’s neck and belly on the tracking sheet as you go! You do not have to read 25 different stories: if they ask you to read them The Three Little Pigs five times, that counts as five stories! Download and print a reading tracking sheet for children not yet in first grade here.
  3. Once you’ve met the reading goal you set for yourself when you registered, you’ll earn a special extra prize.
  4. Age-appropriate books, audio books, eBooks, and graphic novels count toward earning prizes. Magazines, newspapers, and the backs of cereal boxes do not. For more information, please call 541-996-2277 Monday-Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or email tnelson@lincolncity.org.
  5. Summer Reading Club 2020 ends 8/31/2020.

*prizes can be claimed once the library building re-opens.

Summer Reading!