Driftwood Little Libraries are little houses on posts that have been decorated by local teens, each with a bright, vibrant theme of its own. These houses will be placed throughout the community and will contain a selection of free books and audio-visual materials available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week and do not require a library card to use. Items found in the Driftwood Little Libraries can be enjoyed for any amount of time, and users are encouraged to share items with friends and family, and don’t necessarily need to be returned to the location where they were found. Travelers may use the libraries as well, and may return items to any little library in the country. Donations to the libraries are also always welcome.

Any questions regarding the ribbon cutting or the Driftwood Little Libraries in general may be directed to Driftwood’s Outreach Coordinator Star Khan at 541-996-1255 or skhan@lincolncity.org


The first Driftwood Little Library is going up! The library is directly inside the Devil’s Lake State Park entrance on NE 6th Drive, behind the Lincoln City Cultural Center.